Smart travelers know that the key to an easy, relaxing trip is packing right. That means that, instead of tossing lots of needless clothing and accessories in your suitcase, you have to take time to plan out comfortable, versatile, and beautiful outfits. If that seems easier said than done, don’t worry; here are some simple suggestions for travel outfits.

1. Mix and Match Separates – This is so important for travel. Just choose a few comfortable pants that you can combine with several tops and jackets, and you’ve already knocked out a huge part of your project. Find some light, wrinkle free tank tops and blouses to wear with them. And bring jackets and cover-ups you can layer over those tops for a dressier look.

2. Accessories – It’s amazing how using a few simple accessories can completely change the way an outfit looks. You may not have space to bring several different handbags on your trip, but bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and belts don’t take up much space at all.

3. Shoes – Don’t go crazy with shoes; they’re heavy and take up lots of space in your bag. Instead, bring a couple pairs that will work for several activities and outfits.

You may need to go shopping for some new plus size clothing before you head out on your trip. If you haven’t looked at online clothing stores before, you should definitely give them a try. Plus size women’s clothing is easy to choose online and comes in sizes for women of all shapes.