I always feeling like I’m rushing from place to place, so I don’t have time to slow down and try to put together a complicated outfit. But I still want to walk out the door knowing that I look great. That may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s really not thanks to clever plus size clothing designers.

When I go out with friends, I feel most comfortable in a nice pair of pants. But I don’t have time to search through my closet for the right style, iron them, and then figure out which top will coordinate well. I just need to grab my pants and go! So when I shop, I look for wrinkle-free fabrics that are comfortable, perfect for every occasion, and easy to care for. I have a great pair of white micro-fiber pants that go with just about all my blouses – they’re perfect!

If you’re a busy woman looking for a smart and comfortable look, I recommend micro-fiber pants. They’re soft, comfortable, and look great everywhere. When I go shopping for plus size clothing, I never have to worry whether or not I’ll have a bottom to go with a new blouse because these pants always do the trick. Plus size women’s clothing that are comfortable and versatile – that’s what I’m all about.