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Plus Size Clothing with Various Sleeve Styles

One of the greatest things about plus size clothing and fashion in general is that even small changes to an outfit can make a big difference. Take sleeve style, for instance. You can change the look and feel of your favorite women’s plus size clothing outfits just by changing the sleeve style of the top you wear. Of course, it is important to realize how your sleeves affect your style and to figure out which style is most flattering to your personal figure.

Short sleeves look great during the spring and summer. They are comfortable and cool during the day but still offer some coverage in the evening. It is easy to add a sweater or cover-up to a big size top if you happen to catch a chill at night. Short sleeves usually fall between the upper arm and elbow, so this is where they will naturally draw the eye.

Short Sleeve Plus Size Clothing

Long sleeves are a bit more formal and offer more coverage if you do not want to show your arms. There are various types of long sleeves, including bell sleeves that widen out towards the wrist. These can create a slimming effect for your arms. If you want a formal plus size clothing look, long sleeves are often a nice choice.

Perhaps the most popular sleeve style for women’s plus size clothing is the ¾ sleeve. They are comfortable all year round and are flattering to most body shapes. Use ¾ sleeves to draw the eye to your waist.

Women's Plus Size Clothing with 3/4 Sleeve

Part of what is great about the modern fashion world is that you can find big size clothing in all styles. If you want to add some fresh new looks to your wardrobe, consider getting plus size clothing tops that feature a variety of different sleeve lengths and styles.

Creating A Great Plus Size Clothing Office Wardrobe

Women have had to fight for years to gain the success that they have achieved in the business world. And the same goes for the world of plus size fashion. It has only been in recent years that plus size clothing has become easy to find. Designers are finally creating all kinds of styles for curvy women in plus sizes. Now the challenge is to make a wardrobe full of stylish, professional clothing that you can use to dress to impress while on the job.

Regardless of whether you spend most of your day in the office or are traveling to business meetings all over the country, you want to always look your best. To do so, you will need to fill your closet with office plus size clothing that is comfortable, well-designed, and easy to care for.


Some women make the mistake of trying to fit into plus size clothing that is the wrong size for them. This is totally unflattering and will make you uncomfortable at work. Instead, choose well-fitting blouses, skirts, pants, and dresses that complement your form without being so tight that they restrict movement or comfort. If you are ordering a new outfit from an online store, be sure to consult their sizing chart before deciding which size to get.

Comfortable Plus Size Clothing


There are many plus size clothing designers, but you need to find those that have the best designs for your professional needs. Tunic tops, button-up blouses, and other tops that are made with high quality fabrics will last longer and look better at work. Choose garments made with fitted seams and adjustable features that you can use to complement your personal shape and style.

Office Plus Size Clothing

Easy Care

When you have to travel for work, you want to bring plus size clothing that is easy to wash and wear. Choose wrinkle-free fabrics and office plus size clothing that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits.

Professional Plus Size Clothing

Plus Size Clothing for a Spring Transformation

Can you feel spring in the air? Slowly but surely, the weather is getting a bit warmer. Soon the snow will be melted, life and color will come back to the cold world, and spring will be in full bloom.

Spring is the perfect time for a plus size clothing transformation too.

The winter months usually find women bundling up under unflattering coats just trying to stay warm. I love to create layered outfits during the chilly months, but I truly embrace the change that comes with spring. What can you do to bring a fresh spring air to your wardrobe?

Color and Print

Perhaps the greatest transformation for spring is color. Dark coats, sweaters, and boots can be replaced with warm, bright pastels. If you are looking for some inspiration, all you have to do is look around you. As the flowers start blooming again you can get great ideas for new colors that will complement your complexion.

Plus Size Clothing Inspited by Spring

Plus Size Clothing Inspired by Spring

Besides bringing color into your spring wardrobe you can also introduce some lovely floral prints that are inspired by the season. If normal floral prints are not really your style, look for abstract floral designs in woman’s plus size clothing that take advantage of spring-themed colors and patterns in a more subtle way.

Apart from rose, lavender, peach, and other pastel colors spring is also the perfect season to bring white back into your wardrobe. Pastel tunics and tank tops look fabulous with white skirts and pants. If you are headed out to a special occasion, such as a garden party, try pairing a spring-inspired pastel cover-up with a white dress for a stunning look that is sure to get attention.

Women's Plus Size Clothing in Pastels

Women's Plus Size Clothing in Pastels

Make the Transformation

Let the season inspire you to transform your plus size clothing wardrobe. Warm spring colors in women’s plus size clothing will have you looking fantastic all through the coming season.

Organizing A Plus Size Clothing Swap

Clothing swaps can be fun events for friends, neighbors, and co-workers to participate in. Instead of spending lots of money at a local clothing boutique, you can share your closet’s hidden treasures with others and find some new outfits yourself. Since finding nice plus size clothing stores is never easy, organizing a special plus size swap is a nice way to get together some good friends to share local fashions.

The first thing you need for your plus size clothing swap is a location where everyone will fit comfortably. You also need space for all the clothing and some refreshments. If you want to do an office swap, you might be able to use a conference room. For a neighborhood swap, consider using a local civic center, church, or hall. If you just want to have a small swap between friends, one of your homes should provide plenty of space.

Clothing swaps are a great time to talk with your friends about the latest fashion ideas for mature plus size women. You can share your favorite online stores with them. Discuss sizing and how to get the right fit. Mix and match some fun outfits with all the garments you’ve brought together. Your plus size clothing swap can be a great opportunity for fun and fashion!

International Shipping for Plus Size Clothing

The Internet has revolutionized the way that women shop for plus size clothing. It used to take hours to drive from store to store in local shopping centers and malls, trying to find nice outfits in your size and at a reasonable price. All that running around is over now – you can just sit down in front of your computer and shop at multiple stores at the same time.

Many online retailers offer better prices on casual plus size clothing than you would ever find in local stores. And it’s not hard to find garments made from the finest quality cotton and synthetic fabrics. But shipping and handling charges can sometimes surprise you. This is especially true if you live outside the US and have to choose international shipping.

Women living outside the US are often forced to pay three, four, or even five times the cost of regular shipping just to get their outfits. Some stores don’t even offer international shipping as an option. The truth is, it costs a lot to ship from one country to another and there are many additional customs charges to take into consideration. But if you take time to compare the shipping rates at several different stores that offer mature plus size clothing for women, you can find some that have more reasonable shipping rates.

Plus Size Tops For Any Season

Time goes by so fast; I can’t believe it’s already fall! I may not be a New York fashion expert, but I do like to update my wardrobe with the seasons. When I looked at my closet and realized it’s still full of summer styles, I realized it’s time to get my outfits a little more up-to-date. But when I took the time to go through my tops, I found that lots of them will look great during the fall and winter seasons too.

You probably have lots of tops that, combined with the right bottoms and accessories, can look gorgeous all year long. For example, I have one purple button up blouse whose floral print is fabulous with white pants during the summer. But I realized that those colors will also look fantastic with black pants, giving it a whole new look. For chilly days, I can add a scarf to create a totally new outfit. I love the versatility of this top!

Plus size tops that look fantastic year round are easy to coordinate with jackets, pants, and accessories to create new outfits for any season. Adding a simple jacket or cover up to a blouse you love is a great way to keep warm on a cold day. I love versatile and casual plus size clothing that I can mix and match to make lots of unique styles.

Plus Size Clothing For The Smart Traveler

Smart travelers know that the key to an easy, relaxing trip is packing right. That means that, instead of tossing lots of needless clothing and accessories in your suitcase, you have to take time to plan out comfortable, versatile, and beautiful outfits. If that seems easier said than done, don’t worry; here are some simple suggestions for travel outfits.

1. Mix and Match Separates – This is so important for travel. Just choose a few comfortable pants that you can combine with several tops and jackets, and you’ve already knocked out a huge part of your project. Find some light, wrinkle free tank tops and blouses to wear with them. And bring jackets and cover-ups you can layer over those tops for a dressier look.

2. Accessories – It’s amazing how using a few simple accessories can completely change the way an outfit looks. You may not have space to bring several different handbags on your trip, but bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and belts don’t take up much space at all.

3. Shoes – Don’t go crazy with shoes; they’re heavy and take up lots of space in your bag. Instead, bring a couple pairs that will work for several activities and outfits.

You may need to go shopping for some new plus size clothing before you head out on your trip. If you haven’t looked at online clothing stores before, you should definitely give them a try. Plus size women’s clothing is easy to choose online and comes in sizes for women of all shapes.

Versatile And Comfortable Plus Size Women’s Clothing

I always feeling like I’m rushing from place to place, so I don’t have time to slow down and try to put together a complicated outfit. But I still want to walk out the door knowing that I look great. That may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s really not thanks to clever plus size clothing designers.

When I go out with friends, I feel most comfortable in a nice pair of pants. But I don’t have time to search through my closet for the right style, iron them, and then figure out which top will coordinate well. I just need to grab my pants and go! So when I shop, I look for wrinkle-free fabrics that are comfortable, perfect for every occasion, and easy to care for. I have a great pair of white micro-fiber pants that go with just about all my blouses – they’re perfect!

If you’re a busy woman looking for a smart and comfortable look, I recommend micro-fiber pants. They’re soft, comfortable, and look great everywhere. When I go shopping for plus size clothing, I never have to worry whether or not I’ll have a bottom to go with a new blouse because these pants always do the trick. Plus size women’s clothing that are comfortable and versatile – that’s what I’m all about.

Plus Size Women’s Clothing Do’s And Don’ts

The world of women’s plus size clothing has changed a lot in the last few years, and now fashions of all kinds are accessible to curvy ladies. Still, not everything you see in the store is going to look flattering with your body shape. And not all designers are really clued in to what looks good on curvy, full figured women. Here and some do’s and don’ts for plus size fashions that can help you make smart choices when shopping.

Two definite do’s are wide leg pants and V-neck tops. Pants that fit your waist and hips comfortably and then go straight down from there will look and feel great. V-necks create a nice elongating effect on plus size women as well, besides drawing attention to their bust and away from the belly. As far as don’ts, stay away from anything tent-shaped. Those days are over, and designers have figured out how to create plus size clothing that is formed to fit comfortably and keep a nice structure. When accessorizing, small jewelry and bags are don’ts; opt for chunky bracelets and big handbags.

While there aren’t hard and fast rules for fashion, these tips can help you look great in plus size women’s clothing. Try out a variety of styles to find what’s right for you. You may have a hard time finding your size in local stores, but you shouldn’t have any trouble shopping online. Online plus size clothing stores stock lots of styles in a wide range of sizes.

Finding The Right Plus Size Business Suit

A nice business suit can make you look and feel fantastic, but some women have a hard time finding a suit that fits them properly. Remember that buying the most expensive suit is not a guarantee that it will look, feel, or be the best option. Instead, take some time to figure out what cuts and styles work with your body shape. Then you can select the business suit that is right for you.

Plus size women should opt for single breasted suits. A double breasted suit looks extra wide and will not be as smooth and slimming as a single breasted. A longer jacket will also create a slimming effect. Avoid suits that or short or boxy; they create unflattering lines that don’t work well with a plus size figure.

Dressing for success is important for women of all shapes and sizes, so plus size clothing has been designed to look great on women of size. If you have trouble finding plus size clothing in your area, shopping online is an easy option. You can shop in the comfort of your own home and have your clothing shipped straight to your front door.

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