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Taking Plus Size Women Clothing Online

I know it can be tough for plus size women to find nice clothes, I’ve gone through it myself.  But I found the perfect solution: now I do my shopping online.  There are so many more options for plus size women clothing on the Internet.  I’ve gotten formal dresses, colorful blouses, patterned skirts, and beautiful scarves.  Don’t worry, online plus size clothing stores have clear sizing charts that make picking the right size easy.

Spring/Summer Plus Size Clothing

Fashion Fulfillment has just finished photographing its new collection for 2010. It is complete with evening separates and jackets for special occasions. This collection was inspired by the abstract expressionists and Dadaism. There is a harmonious feeling of color and texture. Both and will offer our Spring/Summer clothing collection. Check out our new tunic, caftan, tops and shirts.

BCA: Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts for Plus Size

Fashion Fulfillment now makes plus size BCA tees for larger women up to 3x. Just go to, or to shop our pink ribbon tees, hoodies and more

Plus Size Models: One Size Fits All

Recently plus size clothing store catalogs and online stores are finally including real bodies. Lane Bryant is still holding onto less curvy gals, but her sister Fashion Bug and One Stop Plus seem to be ahead of the curve. We all know that curvy girls make the world go around. What’s the problem? There are many plus size agencies and models today. Is it they are afraid that the plus size clothing won’t look appealing to them? Of course fashion is often an illusion and maybe this is what might be going on. It is important to support companies that tell the real story. Acceptance is on the way. While we wait lets make some great plus size dreses, shirts and pants!

Plus Size Clothing: Necklines

There are only about two choices for plus size clothing necklines — with collar or without a collar. We recently asked several women which they preferred and their answers were all over — “V” neckline, Mandarin collar, full-collar, rounded neckline. They only thing our customers had in common was an opinion about fashion. Women know what looks great! More specifically what looks great on their skin tone, hair color and what they find is appropriate for their age group.

At Fashion Fulfillment we strive to create those fashions which meet those needs. It is a challenge but well worth it.

Plus Size Clothing: Code Red

Many plus size clothing designers tend not to make garments in red fabric. We did some research on this issue and found the reason. It can make plus size women look slightly larger. However, this is not true if you learn to accessorize your new red clothes. Wearing a black tank or some other complimentary color can divert the eye. We like to suggest opening the buttons of your blouse (of course this will never work for a pull-over top) like a jacket. Also adding a coordinating vest will also break up the colors. Our favorite is a string of pearls or gold necklace. How about some chandelier earrings, too? You can also roll-up your sleeves and stand up the back collar. So don’t be afraid of buying red in plus size clothing. It is a warm and inviting color for all women and sizes. Check out “Hint of Claret” by

Tip: Separates for Plus Size Women with Pear Shapes

It’s pretty difficult to find nice plus size clothing when you have a pear shape. Fashion Fulfillment creates a kimono style separate that is perfect for this specific sizing. Our jacket is longer in the back and slightly shorter in the front. It covers the bums but does not add fabric to the front. So if you are wider at the hip and less at the chest these plus size jackets would be the right choice for you. We have created these fashions for casual and dressy events. Most of our separates are made from organic rayon because it won’t cling to the body. These will bring you the compliments you deserve!

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Plus Size Clothing
Plus Size Clothing