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Organizing A Plus Size Clothing Swap

Clothing swaps can be fun events for friends, neighbors, and co-workers to participate in. Instead of spending lots of money at a local clothing boutique, you can share your closet’s hidden treasures with others and find some new outfits yourself. Since finding nice plus size clothing stores is never easy, organizing a special plus size swap is a nice way to get together some good friends to share local fashions.

The first thing you need for your plus size clothing swap is a location where everyone will fit comfortably. You also need space for all the clothing and some refreshments. If you want to do an office swap, you might be able to use a conference room. For a neighborhood swap, consider using a local civic center, church, or hall. If you just want to have a small swap between friends, one of your homes should provide plenty of space.

Clothing swaps are a great time to talk with your friends about the latest fashion ideas for mature plus size women. You can share your favorite online stores with them. Discuss sizing and how to get the right fit. Mix and match some fun outfits with all the garments you’ve brought together. Your plus size clothing swap can be a great opportunity for fun and fashion!

Generous Fashions Goes to the Beach

Live Life Large in Generous Fashions.  Check out our Summer Collection!  Lots of bathing suit cover-ups and light tops for warm evenings.

Casual Plus Size Clothing at the Beach

Summer is quickly approaching and it is nearly beach season! A relaxing day at the beach is a great way to unwind after a hectic week. And it offers you a chance to show off some of your most stylish casual plus size clothing, too.

Plus size beach covers can be found in a variety of different styles. Some are extremely casual and just designed to be used at the beach. But others are more versatile and can be worn over a tank top to create a light and cool casual outfit. If you want to walk from the beach to the boardwalk, restaurant, or shopping center, these versatile covers are perfect.

Light caftan tops are also very comfortable and stylish over a swimsuit. Coordinate the colors to create a casual plus size clothing ensemble that will look amazing at the beach, or anywhere else your summer travels take you!

Popular Wholesale Clothing for Plus Size Women this Spring

Women everywhere are updating their seasonal wardrobes with bright and beautiful spring fashions. This time of year, as the weather warms up, the days get longer, and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to ditch the heavy jackets of the winter months in favor of lighter, cooler styles. Here are some of the wholesale clothing for plus size women styles that are sure to be popular this spring.

Tunics. Plus size tunics are great because they look nice with many body shapes. They have comfortable, open sleeves that keep the arms cool. Open necklines are stylish, cool, and flattering. And longer tunics help extend the figure which creates a slimming effect while still showing off feminine curves.

Covers. Lightweight plus size covers are great for spring. They feature bright, seasonal colors and are easy to layer over a simple black tank top. For spring, wholesale clothing for plus size women with wide sleeves and open fronts are best.

Avoid Shapeless Wholesale Women’s Clothing for Plus Sizes

There was a time when designers mostly made shapeless clothing for large women. These outfits were more like large sheets than blouses or dresses. They fell down over the body without giving it any shape, curves, or style. But modern wholesale women’s clothing for plus sizes is made quite differently.

The best modern designers are making mature plus size clothing for women that is form fitting and flattering to a women’s naturally curvy shape. That does not mean that they are clingy or too tight. But neither are they so loose that you lose your curves under them. This balance is achieved by understanding women’s bodies and designing clothes that works for them, not just for stick thin models.

Many wholesale providers are now featuring excellent designs that fit this new style of clothing that is form fitting and flattering. Instead of sticking to the shapeless atrocities of the past, make sure you are keeping a modern and stylish selection with well designed wholesale women’s clothing for plus sizes.

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