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What’s the Scoop? Necklines for Plus Sizes

What’s the scoop?  Well that could mean – what is the news?, what flavor ice cream you like? or what’s is a scoop neckline.  I am going to be talking about Scoop necklines and that is my flavor of my news.  You know I do like a button-down collar shirt.  I find it classic and simple.  I can go anywhere with it.  I can also leave it unbutton and use it as a separate.  However this kind of neckline for plus size clothing is not very sexy or feminine.  What do you think?  Have you reached in your closet and selected a collar button-down shirt?  And then to your amazement or better judgement you said “NO” …… this is not right for this event.  So you turned to a scoop neckline?  I hope so because most plus size women have lovely necklines.  So why not show it off?

Scoop necklines can be dramatic or simple.  Depending on the event you are dressing for and the style of the plus size top — please choose correctly.  You don’t want to go to church with a deep and wide scoop neckline.  Most of the congregation will think you are competing for the pastor’s wife or even better a vote on the church board!  No.  Wear a higher scoop neckline and not too far away from the center of your shoulder.  I tend to like a length from the top of the collar to the bottom of the scoop to be about 7 1/2″.  Depending on your chest, if you are a bit gifted their and are a 2x or more maybe go for a 9 1/2″ neckline length.

Here are examples of 2 scoop necklines.  One the left is a higher case scoop neckline and on the right (designed by Generous Fashions) we see a lower case scoop neckline.  Both have their advantages.  Try to remember how you want to present yourself at the event you are attending.  It is so easy to make a fashion mistake.

Now go out there and find a scoop neckline that suits you best.  Let me know how you did!

Plus Size Clothing For Office Parties

The holidays are right around the corner. For most people, this is the busiest time of year. Lots of friends and family to visit and spend time with. Gifts to buy, decorations to set up, parties to both plan and attend. And most people will attend at least one office part this season. These can be lots of fun, or more than a little disastrous, depending on how things go. But, regardless of whether or not the party-planning committee does a good job, you can look great by choosing a comfortable and casual outfit.

Parties are for relaxing and having a fun time with friends and co-workers, so make sure your outfit fits the part. Start with a simple tank top or blouse that you can layer over. Add a great plus size jacket or cover up. I like the simplicity and style of button up blouses too. You can completely change your look just by layering them over a complimentary colored tank top and unbuttoning the blouse. I love colorful tops at parties; they add such a festive feel.

No matter where you’ll be attending parties this season, be it at a friend’s house or in the office plus size clothing that is casual and comfortable is definitely the way to go. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in local stores, you are definitely not alone. That’s why Internet clothing retailers have become so popular. Try shopping online; you can find plus size clothing casual styles perfect for this season’s festivities.

Colorful Tops Bring Life to Plus Size Clothing

Don’t get me wrong, I love the elegant and classic look of a black dress or blouse, but I’m all about adding color to my wardrobe too! There is such a beautiful array of colors to choose from in plus size clothing and I want to use them all. Purple blouses with floral prints are my personal favorite, but I don’t limit myself. I have some beautiful blue and aqua blouses that look fabulous with light and dark bottoms alike!

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