For many plus size women finding tops, shirts and blouses that fit around the arm muscle is challenging.  Some women do carry weight on their arms.  Arm muscle measurements can vary from a circumference of 17″ to  27″ (and more).  It that not a challenge?  Fashion designers are not interested in focusing on fit at the arm muscle.  Are you kidding me?  Their priority is boobs, waist and buttocks.  Make a dress that works the girl.

Then there are clothing suppliers online that think opening a hole in a bed sheet with some details is fashion.  It is not a solution for anyone.

Arm muscle room does not me enlarge the arm hole.  Larger women do not grow wider arm holes, so the cut is the same.  The point is at the center where the arm muscle would be made can be wider.  Therefore butterfly sleeves can be a good choice.  The fabric floats across the arm gentle.  Most of the time it is not a tight fit.  In fact, butter fly sleeves can add drama.

Cap sleeves?  A choice.  Yes, if you are ok with showing your arms.  Most women after 40 tend to lose their battle with gravity.  Things are not so elastic.  In fact, a cap sleeve vs a sleeveless tank will take the eye off the arm muscle.  But, it is important the fabric at the sleeve is solid and not busy.

Another choice can be a wide flare sleeve that ends with the sleeve open at the bottom seam.  Here a cotton with some spandex will help with fit or a rayon with lycra will add comfort, too.

Often women with larger arm muscles will wear a tunic separate, light jacket, shawl or shrug over their top.  This really makes an outfit more interesting and dramatic.  It brings texture and change.

It’s hard to tell from online photos if a top has sleeves that will fit you.  It is best to call customer service.  If that does not help then  read the reviews.