Here is a challenge!  If you only had 5 minutes to evacuate your home and all your loved ones (family, friends and pets) were already safe what would you take?  I used to think of this question often over the years.  As a kid, I picked my Barbie dolls; then as a teen it was pictures of my BF.  During my college years it was my passport, bank book and jeans!  (I wanted to travel the world, which I eventually did.)  Now as a mother of a 3 year old son all of that has changed.  I first would take my parents wedding toasting cup.  It was used by the bride and groom during the 19th century to toast each other.  It presented to my mother at their 22nd Wedding Anniversary by my father.  I loved the sentimentality my father took to purchase this gift for her.  Now I have used up a minute because it is front and center in our living room.

The next minute I would use collecting as many framed photos of my wedding, husband’s college graduation day, the first 12 months of my son and me with my parents and siblings.  I do not have any of these images on a laptop or in a cloud.  However, after writing this maybe I better!

So now I am down to 3 minutes which would give me time to grap my laptop and iphone.  I have lots of music on both and images of things I love or thought I do!  I also has addresses and recipes.  However I could get these off my dropbox.

With 2 minutes to go I would head for the closet!  I have been collecting plus size tops for over a decade.  My search for cotton and jersey shirts with a 3x fit has been quite challenging.  Most women’s plus size clothing stores tend not to cut past a 1x or 2x.  I have read size charts for a 3x but it does not really fit my size.  So, I would grab as many tops, shirts and blouses as possible.

Beyond that I would head out the door as fast as I could run!