Showing your shoulders is very sexy at any time of the year, but particularly in summer … it is attractive and keeps you cool, but most women whether big size or small, short or tall, hate showing their upper arms.

Unless you work out several times a week or are genetically fortunate, upper arms can be saggy, flat and/or flap around.  So the question is how can you get the bare shoulder look without going sleeveless in plus size clothing?

Generous Fashions has the perfect women’s plus size clothing attractive sleeveless solution – the Open Shoulder Caftan Collection.  It is based not just on what is trendy but what makes you feel comfortable and attractive.  Play peek-a-boo with your shoulders while camouflaging less than perfect upper arms!

In a cool summery turquoise, it is light and flowing with 100% viscose that is machine washable and line dry with an eye-catching print handkerchief bottom trim.

A great style trick for perfect summer days … show off your beautiful shoulders confidently and cover the upper arm.  It is a perfect plus size clothing solution!

And it is so versatile with light loose sleeves – you can wear it with women’s plus size shorts, trousers, skirts or even as a bathing suit cover up.  It goes from casual to dressy and everything in between this summer and is sure to become an essential piece for your wardrobe.  Easy, breezy summertime perfection!

So why not show off one of your best assets (your shoulders) while staying comfy and cool.  When you put away those conservative summer tops and break out this sexy number, you are sure to create an impression.
Generous Fashions has made it easy for you with this lovely Open Shoulder Caftan piece currently on sale for $29.00 and it fits sizes up to 4X.