Wide Sleeve Tunic jacket by Generous Fashions

Black and White Clothing:  Season’s Trend

After watching the Academy Awards I was puzzled as to what color may be in this season.  Did you feel the same way?  I do not know about you but I saw a lot of Red Carpet red.  (Diva’s love red.  It’s so HOT)  I think Jennifer wore it the best.  Of course there was a lot of white evening gowns and bit of royal blue.  And then there was the basic black and white dress!  Lovely.  When I read the blogs in Fashion Trends on Google groups I see that Black and White is back.  Where did it go anyway?  Black and white has always been a statement, right?  Isn’t New York City the Black and White apple in fashion?

Well, this season its going to be a fashion clothing print commitment.  Out with the neon and in with the white tops and black pants.  So the good news you probably own have a plus size clothing collection stored faithfully in you garment closet.  You are ready to go and hit the catwalk!

What I like about White and Black is that it is classic.  You can add a bit of white to black and it makes the clothing outfit pop out.  For plus size women it is slimming.  So this is the second good news, we can be in fashion working our basic clothing foundation and look trim.  Do you think the person who was this year’s trend setter might have been a women and more importantly a women with a big size?

Here are some suggestions to be in the Black and White seasonal trend:

1. choose a white tank with a black cover and black pants

2. choose a black bead necklace when wearing a white top

3.  add accessories in black and white (a bit of fake gold helps too or silver)

4.  purchase a black shoe with white tips

Long Sleeve Knit Twist in Black/White

5. add a white silk sash or scarf to your outfit if it is mostly black

What is most important is not to look like you are going to a funeral.  Have fun with it.

I love to hear back from my readers.  Do you have any good tips for wearing black and white?

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