There is a lot of plus size clothing and fashion now online.  Prior to 2009, the internet just had a few women’s clothing stores that featured big sizes.  These clothing stores were small operations but with quality fashions. However many offered very loud colors and big prints.  The design of the fabric seemed to be in command.  Even today there are stores that offer big bold prints at reduced prices.   There is not much special about them except the price.  Are you willing to compromise good design and fabric over costs?  Is it better to save a bit more and get something you really like?  I think so.

The key to selecting a plus size garment is in the details.  When you have the funds look for this.   I certainly believe that “Simple details are beautiful”.  Do you agree?  When you observe nature it is not complicated.  For example this rose:

It is simple.  It has just two colors.  Beautiful.  The rose does not need anymore details to express itself.  Now let’s take a look at another rose, similar and compare it to a blouse by Generous Fashions.

Both images are similar.  They use the white background to enhance the other color.  The trim at the neckline is so simple and basic.  The clothing designer brings life to the neckline but not in a loud way.  It is a quiet addition.  The sleeves also add to the harmony of the total blouse.  You do not have to purchase BIG floral prints to make a fashion statement.  It is all in the details.

What kind of details to look for when shopping for clothes:

1. Trim at the neckline

2. Gentle pattern

3. Details at the sleeve

4. Trim at the cuff

5. Contrasting threads

6. Double fabric

7.  Interesting buttons

So go out there and let me know what  you find!  I challenge you to comment on my blog and tell me what you found!