Clothing swaps can be fun events for friends, neighbors, and co-workers to participate in. Instead of spending lots of money at a local clothing boutique, you can share your closet’s hidden treasures with others and find some new outfits yourself. Since finding nice plus size clothing stores is never easy, organizing a special plus size swap is a nice way to get together some good friends to share local fashions.

The first thing you need for your plus size clothing swap is a location where everyone will fit comfortably. You also need space for all the clothing and some refreshments. If you want to do an office swap, you might be able to use a conference room. For a neighborhood swap, consider using a local civic center, church, or hall. If you just want to have a small swap between friends, one of your homes should provide plenty of space.

Clothing swaps are a great time to talk with your friends about the latest fashion ideas for mature plus size women. You can share your favorite online stores with them. Discuss sizing and how to get the right fit. Mix and match some fun outfits with all the garments you’ve brought together. Your plus size clothing swap can be a great opportunity for fun and fashion!