The world of women’s plus size clothing has changed a lot in the last few years, and now fashions of all kinds are accessible to curvy ladies. Still, not everything you see in the store is going to look flattering with your body shape. And not all designers are really clued in to what looks good on curvy, full figured women. Here and some do’s and don’ts for plus size fashions that can help you make smart choices when shopping.

Two definite do’s are wide leg pants and V-neck tops. Pants that fit your waist and hips comfortably and then go straight down from there will look and feel great. V-necks create a nice elongating effect on plus size women as well, besides drawing attention to their bust and away from the belly. As far as don’ts, stay away from anything tent-shaped. Those days are over, and designers have figured out how to create plus size clothing that is formed to fit comfortably and keep a nice structure. When accessorizing, small jewelry and bags are don’ts; opt for chunky bracelets and big handbags.

While there aren’t hard and fast rules for fashion, these tips can help you look great in plus size women’s clothing. Try out a variety of styles to find what’s right for you. You may have a hard time finding your size in local stores, but you shouldn’t have any trouble shopping online. Online plus size clothing stores stock lots of styles in a wide range of sizes.